Singer/Songwriter - Recording Artist/Producer - Actor/Film/Video Director 

Collaborations:  Include works with Allen Toussaint, (NYNO Records), Randy Newman and Leiber and Stoller.

Highlights:  Hitting #1 on Billboard World Music Charts for the collaborative album "Together in Peace," entered in the 60th Grammy®  Awards in World Music, was a great high point.  As well as being a Grammy®  Ballot Artist for the first round of the 57th, 60th and 62nd Grammy®  Awards!



Christina is a protégée of Allen Toussaint and the New Orleans Blues/Rock sound.  She is an International Singer, Recording Artist, Award Winning Songwriter, Producer and Actor  with 12 albums in World Wide Release, Grammy®  Ballot Artist for the 62nd Grammy®,  Awards, 60th Grammy®  Awards, and the 57th Grammy®  Awards, in 'Best Rock Album'!  Winner of the Global Music Award, Song of the Year Award, and nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, for Best Album.  Christina is a Broadway and Off-Broadway Veteran with, Film and Television credits. She is also a voting member of NARAS.  

Collaborations include works with Allen Toussaint, (NYNO Records and as artist for His Bway show 'Staggerlee') , Randy Newman (as an artist for his Off Bway show - 'Middle of Nowhere') and Leiber and Stoller (as an artist for their Bway workshop show - 'Tales of Manhattan').

Musically, she has toured throughout Europe, South America and Asia.  With Broadway, Off-Broadway, TV and Film credits, and winner of the, Outer Critics Circle Award, as cast member.  Producer of award winning music videos that include winning the, NYC Indie Film Awards, The Los Angeles CineFest Award and The Hollywood Film Award.  ‘Priceless’ is Christina's 12th production as producer, songwriter and performer. She is also a voting member of Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA, Actors Equity Association, Women in Music and is a BMI Writer and Publisher.



Christina, grew up in the famous French Quarter of New Orleans, listening to the funky soulful sound of Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Irma Thomas, Aaron Neville & The Neville Brothers. It was that gumbo of musical spice that seduced her into an unending love affair with music.

One of the highlights of her career was to work with Grammy Winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends Leiber and Stoller as the lead in their Workshop for Tales of Manhattan, with Yaron Gershovsky, Musical Director (Work Shop for Broadway).

She shared the stage with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Tony Award winner Ruth Brown in Stagerlee (Broadway), written by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and Grammy®  Award Life Time Achievement Winner Allen Toussaint (NYNO Records).

Following that performance, she recorded with Toussaint at his famous Sea Saint Studios in New Orleans and released SeaSaint Sessions with him in 2007 as a sentimental tribute to the great music recorded there.  Sea Saint Studios was destroyed by the devastating hurricane, Katrina.

Christina also had the privilege to work on The Middle of Nowhere (Off-Broadway), written by Oscar and Grammy®  Winner legend Randy Newman and starring, Vondi Curtis Hall and Nick Sercy (known from Stephen Spielberg’s Castaway).

Internationally Christina has toured throughout Europe. Some of the many countries include; Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Austria, England, and Finland. It was a great experience for her to be able to perform at the Schubert Festival in Vienna, Austria. That endeavor led to performing for the great composer Aaron Copeland in a tribute performance to his music. South American tours include Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands.

'Priceless' is the 12th production in World Wide release.   She performs her music with her band of 12 years at many venues.  Currently, Christina is working on her next production.


2020 Out of the Storm
2019 Echoes of Angles
2012 C’mon Let’s Go (Gaudet/Aaron)
2012 Heart On Fire Klubjumpers Remixes
2010 SOLID (Gaudet/Toussaint)
2010 YES (Gaudet/Strayblue)
2009 Eagles Fly Klubjumpers Remixes
2008 OASIS
2007 SEASAINT SESSIONS ( Toussaint/Gaudet)

Catalogue available at: 
CD Baby, BMI, Crucial Music Publishing

BROADWAY  – The Narrator, Tales of Manhattan, (Workshop) by Leiber and Stoller, NYC, 1991.
BROADWAY  – The Girl, Middle of Nowhere, by Randy Newman, NYC, 1988.
BROADWAY  – Andrea, Staggerlee, by Allen Toussaint, NYC, 1987.
OFF-BROADWAY  – Smeraldina, The Servant of Two Masters, LaKota Theatre Co., NYC, 1985.
OFF-BROADWAY  – Jeannie, Lost and Found, Douglas Fairbanks Theatre, 1986.
OFF-BROADWAY  – Andromeche, The Trojan Women, LaKota Theatre Co., NYC, 1986.
OFF-BROADWAY  – Wishing You Well, The Duo Theatre, NY
OFF-BROADWAY  – Penguins, The Duo Theatre, NY
OFF-BROADWAY  – Galaxy, The Duo Theatre, NY

Major Tours
Blue Note: Tokyo, Japan
Shubert Festival: Vienna Austria
Alfred Productions Tour: South America, Caribbean and US Virgin Islands
European Tour: The of works of Shubert, Handel, and Durante:  Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Yugoslavia

Spiderman II, Starring Toby McGuire
Zoolander, Starring Ben Stiller
Autum in New York, Starring Wynoa Ryder and Richard Geer
Six Degrees of Separation, Starring Will Smith
Murder at the Mardi Gras, 1978.

One Life To Live, CBS
Search for Tomorrow, NBC
Banana Chip Love
Manhattan Bridge

Christina Gaudet is a member of BMI, SAG, AFTRA, AEA, NARAS, WIM