Your songs are the key to communicating your thoughts and feelings to your fans.  We know how important this communication is. We help you create tailored high quality commercial songs for you, but we also put a high focus on developing your ability to write quality songs yourself. This just adds one more tool to your musical arsenal.

We will help you develop your ability to hit, hold, texture and color your notes. We'll show you how to have vocal longevity. This teaches you how to cope with nightly long performances without losing your voice.  This is the foundation to free your voice from wear and tear and the longevity to sustain a lasting career.  We guide you, to use patience, the passion of discipline, and the persistence of commitment and dedication. 

We help you find and create the unique vocal style that separates you from any other recording artist. A style that makes you commercially embraced by Top 40 radio.

Deliverance of a song is key to capture the emotional essence that give the listeners goose bumps.  We will teach you how to use your voice and the emotional layers that reach the audience.  We will also teach you how to be a singer/actor required for musicals.

We will work with you on your original songs in the recording studio.  We will guide you on when to use backing vocals and doubling.  We will help you with phrasing , mood, dynamics and volume control in the booth.  We help you bring out the vocals in the song.  In the Vocal Development service, we nurture and develop brilliance. 
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