For Your Consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards, 2018!

For Your Consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards, 2018!

Thank you to the 60th Grammy® Awards!
First Round Ballot Artist!


1st Round Grammy Ballot For Your Consideration

Best Rock Album: Priceless


*Best Record of the Year: Priceless
*Best Album of the Year: Priceless
*Best Song of the Year: Priceless

*Best Rock Performance: Priceless
*Best Rock Song: Priceless

*Best Pop Solo Performance: Priceless


 "The quintessential vocalist/artist the world needs right now. I don't say stuff like that often!" 
--Music Emissions Magazine, UK ~ Michael Morrison
"The music will sizzle your ears into submission!" 
--Indie Shark Music Critic ~ Ricky Farmer 
"Brilliant in scope .. they make it look so easy! Bravo to Gaudet for releasing powerful music!" 
--Indie Music Artist Music Radio Network ~ Tori Lane
"A stellar performance! Christina Gaudet is making her presence known in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter!" --Indie Artist Alliance Magazine ~ Norman Wellington
"Intelligent lyrics and heart-stopping melodies lines are at the heart of her music! her music, possesses a very accessible signature sound! Christina Gaudet is an artist worth watching!" 
--ROCK N' ROLL REVIEW ~ Lizzy Allen
"Gaudet brings the mojo! Christina Gaudet Rocks the house!" --INDIE MUSIC DIGEST ~ Cyrus Rhodes
"Christina Gaudet proves she is a musical force to be reckoned with!" 
--VENTS MAGAZINE ~ RJ Frometa, Editor in Chief
"Gaudet rips up the script, with elements of Classic Rock and Style!" --Wildy Haskell

Album Review - (5 Stars) by Grammy® Winning, El Cerrito Records

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstading!

October 7, 2017

We are loving this album! Priceless is powerful both through the music and the lyrics. The vocals are very rocking and so are the guitars. Christina is a shinning star: Her compositions, her vocals, her guitar, and then her Productions skills are all top notch! All the musicians in this album are amazing! We love the effects that were used throughout the album. We definitely recommend this outstanding album to all our friends.

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Winner, Wouter Kellerman

Truly priceless!  

Grammy® Winner, Wouter Kellerman, Oct 11, 2017

That acoustic guitar ringing oh so clear in a brilliant contrast to the strong, searing electric guitar is truly ALL I NEED! The vocals are clear and absolutely superb. I thoroughly enjoyed the title tracks PRICELESS, LOVE IS FIRE, LOOK HERE among the others. The groove on REVOLT is out of this world with those arpeggios and another of my favorites here is FLY THE SKY. I simply love the energetic, eclectic mix with those soulful bits of emotion and feel laced in there! An album totally true to its title I must say!

Truly priceless!

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Voting Member Valerie Giglio
Christina rocks!!
Grammy® Voting Member, Valerie Giglio, Oct 3, 2017  
A vocal powerhouse (she reminds me of Ann Wilson of Heart)! Christina really rocks with passion and her songs are so well written …she pours her emotions into every song, with tunes like Priceless and the powerful Girl Anthem to the socially conscious Revolt…she is the total package! Fantastic!

Album Review - Review By Monty Guy, Producer, Grammy® Awards

"Christina Gaudet delivers a fabulous musical effort from wire to wire with her new release entitled "Priceless". Her clear and fiery vocal performance commands attention, while it evokes excitement and amazement. Like her previous album "Wild Things", Christina captivates her listeners with an intoxicating formula created with passionately explosive vocals, exciting rock music compositions, great musicianship, and captivating recording production atmosphere.

The thirteen tracks of the album "Priceless", showcase a high-octane performance from beginning to end; with only a slight downshift to an exhilarating high throttle groove in preparation for the song "A Million Years"; a wonderful ballad about a lasting love.

The album provides material for energetic dancing pleasure. "Girl Anthem" is created with an interesting arrangement and an infectious beat. "Look Here" is expected to thrill and encourage listeners to enjoy their dance experience. The song "Revolt" shows good song structure and is boosted with an earnest delivery provided by Christina's sparklingly clear voice.

Throughout this release, Christina's voice thrills, delights, and soars with mellifluous precision; as indicated by the title track "Priceless", and the song "Diamond Light".

The original music that Christina composed is infused with artistic precision and craftsmanship provided by a complement of musicians who exhibit technical aplomb and outstanding instrumental execution. Eric Johnson is an excellent drummer, who is ably supported by the remarkable Nate Stevens on bass. Effervescent guitar embellishment is provided by guests Trevor Sewell, George Varghese, and Dave Rockower. Stoking the fires of artistic excellence is John Zych on keyboards. The band provides a sterling example of tight spectacular musicianship.

Choosing a favorite song from this fresh and exciting collection is a difficult task. "Love Is Fire", and "Heart of My Heart" evoked sensations of explosive delight and ecstatic pleasure seldom experienced in a work with so many tracks of original Rock/Pop song creations. It appears that the best thing to do is to play this collection again, to enjoy the splendor of Christina's clear, soaring, and enchanting voice with its passionate and sincere delivery; while also enjoying some great supporting rock musician expertise. Christina's work effort on this new release is spectacular and "Priceless".

Review ~ Monty Guy, Producer, Grammy® Awards