For Your Consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards, 2018!

For Your Consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards, 2018!

Thank you to the 60th Grammy® Awards!
First Round Ballot Artist!


1st Round Grammy Ballot For Your Consideration

Best Rock Album: Priceless


*Best Record of the Year: Priceless
*Best Album of the Year: Priceless
*Best Song of the Year: Priceless

*Best Rock Performance: Priceless
*Best Rock Song: Priceless

*Best Pop Solo Performance: Priceless


Album Review - (5 Stars) by Grammy® Winning, El Cerrito Records

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstading!

October 7, 2017

We are loving this album! Priceless is powerful both through the music and the lyrics. The vocals are very rocking and so are the guitars. Christina is a shinning star: Her compositions, her vocals, her guitar, and then her Productions skills are all top notch! All the musicians in this album are amazing! We love the effects that were used throughout the album. We definitely recommend this outstanding album to all our friends.

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Winner, Wouter Kellerman

Truly priceless!  

Grammy® Winner, Wouter Kellerman, Oct 11, 2017

That acoustic guitar ringing oh so clear in a brilliant contrast to the strong, searing electric guitar is truly ALL I NEED! The vocals are clear and absolutely superb. I thoroughly enjoyed the title tracks PRICELESS, LOVE IS FIRE, LOOK HERE among the others. The groove on REVOLT is out of this world with those arpeggios and another of my favorites here is FLY THE SKY. I simply love the energetic, eclectic mix with those soulful bits of emotion and feel laced in there! An album totally true to its title I must say!

Truly priceless!

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Voting Member Valerie Giglio
Christina rocks!!
Grammy® Voting Member, Valerie Giglio, Oct 3, 2017  
A vocal powerhouse (she reminds me of Ann Wilson of Heart)! Christina really rocks with passion and her songs are so well written …she pours her emotions into every song, with tunes like Priceless and the powerful Girl Anthem to the socially conscious Revolt…she is the total package! Fantastic!

Album Review - Review By Monty Guy, Producer, Grammy® Awards

"Christina Gaudet delivers a fabulous musical effort from wire to wire with her new release entitled "Priceless". Her clear and fiery vocal performance commands attention, while it evokes excitement and amazement. Like her previous album "Wild Things", Christina captivates her listeners with an intoxicating formula created with passionately explosive vocals, exciting rock music compositions, great musicianship, and captivating recording production atmosphere.

The thirteen tracks of the album "Priceless", showcase a high-octane performance from beginning to end; with only a slight downshift to an exhilarating high throttle groove in preparation for the song "A Million Years"; a wonderful ballad about a lasting love.

The album provides material for energetic dancing pleasure. "Girl Anthem" is created with an interesting arrangement and an infectious beat. "Look Here" is expected to thrill and encourage listeners to enjoy their dance experience. The song "Revolt" shows good song structure and is boosted with an earnest delivery provided by Christina's sparklingly clear voice.

Throughout this release, Christina's voice thrills, delights, and soars with mellifluous precision; as indicated by the title track "Priceless", and the song "Diamond Light".

The original music that Christina composed is infused with artistic precision and craftsmanship provided by a complement of musicians who exhibit technical aplomb and outstanding instrumental execution. Eric Johnson is an excellent drummer, who is ably supported by the remarkable Nate Stevens on bass. Effervescent guitar embellishment is provided by guests Trevor Sewell, George Varghese, and Dave Rockower. Stoking the fires of artistic excellence is John Zych on keyboards. The band provides a sterling example of tight spectacular musicianship.

Choosing a favorite song from this fresh and exciting collection is a difficult task. "Love Is Fire", and "Heart of My Heart" evoked sensations of explosive delight and ecstatic pleasure seldom experienced in a work with so many tracks of original Rock/Pop song creations. It appears that the best thing to do is to play this collection again, to enjoy the splendor of Christina's clear, soaring, and enchanting voice with its passionate and sincere delivery; while also enjoying some great supporting rock musician expertise. Christina's work effort on this new release is spectacular and "Priceless".

Review ~ Monty Guy, Producer, Grammy® Awards

Wild Things Album for the 57th Grammy® 2015
Thank you to the Grammy® Awards! First Round Ballot Artist!
 2015 - 1st Round Grammy Ballot For Your Consideration

for the 57th Grammy Awards!

Grammy Ballot Artist

"Wild Things"

I was honored to have been accepted as a
Grammy Ballot Artist!!

It was a huge honor to have joined these artists on the Ballot:

(Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Prince, Melissa Ethridge, Lenny Kravitz, Ryan Adams, U2, Beck, The Black Keys and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers!

Congratulations to BECK and to the Nominees in my category:

Best Album, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song
Label: Capitol Records

My Thanks to the 57th Grammy's for your kind consideration!

What a great year!


Grammy Ballot for

Best Rock Album: Wild Things


*Best Record of the Year: Wild Things
*Best Album of the Year: Wild Things
*Best Song of the Year: Wild Things
*Best Song of the Year: Burn

*Best Song of the Year: Face to Face
*Best Song of the Year: Higher Power

*Best Rock performance: Wild Things
*Best Rock performance: Burn
*Best Rock Song: Wild Things
*Best Rock Song: Hurricane

*Best American Roots Song: Love Drive
*Best American Roots Song: Acadia
*Best Pop Solo Performance: Face to Face
*Best Pop Solo Performance: Higher Power


Rockin' the 57th! YES!!! Review of 'Wild Things' by: Arun Shenoy. GRAMMY Nominated Producer ~ "An incredibly powerful record that reaches into the greatness and depth of what rock and roll has to offer. The music has you grooving hard from the time you hit play right up to the end. From the music on my favorite track "Burn" to the more Judas Priest styled vibe on "Hurricane" ; to "Acadia" with the more Americana style vibe and the good old rock and roll on tracks like "Love Drive", the album just keeps evolving as it plays on. The Gospel styled harmony vocals and superb bluesy guitar and organ performance on "Change" to the wicked use of the synth melodies on "Like You do", Excellent! "Higher Power" brings the album to a beautiful close, and then I start all over again. Great fiddle and violin work too and of course, an amazing vocal performance by Gaudet"
- Arun Shenoy. GRAMMY Nominated Producer!/ArunShenoyMusic

Real energy attitude, great vocals and guitar riffs abound throughout this album. The songwriting is excellent throughout this album and I bet it sounds great live. The whole album is the strength of melody in the songwriting and Christina definitely has a style of her own. Like You Do which is very strong and, one of my favorites I could easily imagine being used in a soundtrack and I could easily imagine Music Supervisors appreciating. A great album that will see more plays in my car over the coming months. Well done Christina!
~ Trevor Sewell, Blues Historian at SPP Publishing, UK, Hollywood Music Award Recipient, NARS Voting Member

Going back to my roots of Classic Rock music 'Wild Things' by Christina Gaudet is just that .... this is a no hold bared explosion of enduring talent and a true testament to her professionalism and honesty to her genre ... so many times while listening to this I heard so many voices I thought I was listening to from the past and finally arrived to resolve - This is Christina Gaudet and I like her. This is a true in your car with windows open racing down the highway with the music blasting out of the vehicle, and me in the car screeching at the top of my lungs playing the drums on the steering wheel. I wish only the Best of things this G Season and the future Christina - I truly love where this takes me to or back.
~ Randall at dexterchordmusic, NARS Voting Member

Don't let the lovely face and creamy complexion fool you. Christina Gaudet ROCKS! Her new CD, "Wild Things" is truly WILD! Her powerful voice charges through each song, and her vocals are spot on. Excellent back-up vocals add to the depth of the arrangements. Guitars, fiddles, horns, organs, and other instruments show off Christina's New Orleans roots. Her songwriting is imaginative and excellent! WOW! Christina is one of a kind! If you like female rock, you must have this CD. If you don't like female rock, then get "Wild Things," and you WILL become a fan! Excellent CD! Loved it!
~ Sue Straw, NARS Voting Member

"Christina is like a mixture of Janis Joplin, Joss Stone and Mary Chapin Carpenter all rolled into one! I hope she gets the Grammy's attention with this album!"
--Ryan Cole ~ Writer at Nashville Enterprises, NARS Voting Member

"This twelve tracks CD is excellent! Christina Gaudet is exciting and original! You just have to listen to "Wild Things" by Christina Gaudet. This CD is a fabulous listening experience. My next move is to listen from the top "one more time...right now"!!"
--Monty Guy ~
NARS Voting Member

"Its nice to know there are a few artists out there that can still deliver music that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings at the same time. Gaudet - she is a premier talent that makes this whole experience special. Her voice is intoxicating! After hearing her music I must say she's the quintessential vocalist/artist the world needs right now. I dont say stuff like that often!"

"Gaudet commands an advanced to elite singing and songwriting ability. The strongest aspect of the production is the soulful feel you get from Gaudet and her band. The Songs will remind you of Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins, Lea Michele, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, and Melissa Ferick. I kept waiting for a weak song to come - I eventually gave up on that! .. powerful and at times explosive album with amazing stories that possess incredible and impassioned highs and lows. The music will sizzle your ears into submission! Trust me when I say this stuff can't be faked! Listening to the “Wild Things” by Christina Gaudet will open your eyes to the possibilities of what could be when a great artist decides to take us back to our traditional Rock n' Roll roots!

"Gaudet can sing like nobody’s business. Her voice has an amazing warm and likeability factor but is powerful like Ann Wilson. Gaudet has delivered on “Wild Things” and it almost feels as if she’s on to something, well special. Gaudet is obviously experienced at performing and writing powerful music, but it’s the combination of all of the above that makes her so deadly. ..conservative and painfully simple yet brilliant in scope .. they make it look so easy. Bravo to Gaudet for being herself, going against the pop grain and releasing powerful music!"

"A stellar performance! The fact that her vocal delivery has been compared to both the soulful croon of Annie Lennox and to the legendary wail of Janis Joplin is a testament to her impressive adaptability. Right away I can hear vocal comparables to Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Birdy. Lana Del Ray, and Digby. Since were on the subject I can also hear traces of Erin McCarley, Idina Menzel, Anna Nalick, A Fine Frenzy and Venessa Carlton. Whether you like electronic pop, alternative rock sensibilities or a hard rock staple, rest assured Christina Gaudet is making her presence known in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter!"

"Intelligent lyrics and heart-stopping melodies lines are at the heart of her music! Gaudet’s spin on life through her music possesses a very accessible signature sound! Christina Gaudet is an artist worth watching!"

"Gaudet reminds me of Linda Rondstadt, Lucinda Williams, Allison Krauss, Maria Muldar and Rory Block. On “Wild Things” her latest and greatest release Gaudet delivers! Gaudet’s unique voice – all at the sonic center of it all!"
~ALL WHATS ROCK ~ Norman Fuller

“Wild Things” by Christina Gaudet is truly a highlight release with some incredible moments that portray true grit & emotion that will sure to evoke strong reactions from many. The amazing vocal and songwriting finesse just bring the whole thing together via her charm and charisma.
~"GIG BAND MAGAZINE ~ Joanne Worley

"The music reminds me of a combination between Dokken, Heart, Bonnie Tyler, Evanescence and even Lita Ford. On the other side of the sonic spectrum I can even hear Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Susan Tedeschi, Shelby Lynne, Lucinda Williams, Allison Krauss. From start to finish, “Wild Things’ brings the mojo. Let me go on record by saying Christina Gaudet Rocks the house.!"


"She captures that classic rock-Pop sound - like the legendary band Heart. Christina Gaudet proves she is a musical force to be reckoned with!"
~VENTS MAGAZINE ~ RJ Frometa, Head Honcho, Editor in Chief

" "All 12 tracks provide an intensely exhilarating experience that can tingle the senses into submission!"
~ Janne Zawa

"Gaudet sounds like Bonnie Raitt sitting in with the Meters!"
--Nick DeRiso (4 out of 5 Stars)

"Gaudet has a rebellious rock and roll side to her music that brings to mind Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Heart!"
-- Alec Cunningham

"Gaudet rips up the script, with elements of Classic Rock and Evanescence Style!"
--Wildy Haskell

"...energetic and powerful!"
-- Matthew Warnock

"... Gaudet is a cross between Stevie Nicks & Billie Holliday"
-- Alec Cunningham

"... an energetic, razor sharp performance ... "
-- John Mahoney -

"A polished performer, ... true to her unvarnished self"
-- Nick Deriso -

"Gaudet sounds like Bonnie Raitt sitting in with the Meters!"
--Nick DeRiso (4 out of 5 Stars)

Gaudet begins by unleashing a hard-rock edge, adding some serious attitude. Gaudet sounds like Bonnie Raitt sitting in with the Meters! In between, you’ll find the ever-intriguing, always complex creative heart belonging to Christina Gaudet! ...........
Christina Gaudet grew up in New Orleans, but Wild Things isn’t dominated by that good-time heritage. Instead, Gaudet begins by unleashing a hard-rock edge, adding some serious attitude to a bubbling gumbo of influences that includes R&B grooves, big city theater work, smart pop sensibilities and singer-songwriterly lyrics. Every time you think you have Gaudet’s new album pinned down, it finds a way to squirm out and surprise.

The title track, for instance, storms out with a nasty guitar riff courtesy of guitarist Dave Rockower, something as tough and aggressive as her 2010 project Solid Gold – save for its trio of collaborations with Big Easy legend Allen Toussaint – had been dreamy and Cocteau Twins-esque. A smart rhythm section featuring Eric Johnson and Nate Stevens, on drums and bass respectively, provide a rumbling landscape for Gaudet’s searching vocal.

But Gaudet, who subsequently established her music career in New York City and still plies her trade (as a singer, actor, producer, booker, and do-anything songwriter) there, isn’t about to stuff herself into any mix-and-match category. She’s neither a round peg, a pop peg, a rock peg or a square peg. That’s a credit both to her own fizzy vision for Wild Things, but also to her regular working band on this – her 11th original release. They push the pedal down early and keep it there on the title song, but then impressively dial it back for a mid-tempo number like “World Wide Love,” which makes an impassioned plea for understanding on an ever-more-complicated planet.
Wild Things does, of course, reference Gaudet’s deep-seated roots in Louisiana, from the shag-carpeted funk of “Burn” – which neatly replaces the 1960s “age-of-aquarius” saw with an “age of amazing” update – to the fiddle-driven “Acadia” (featuring Skye Steele, and a hat-tip to Cajun roots music) to the unabashedly Toussaint-ish joys of “Raw” to “Hurricane,” a song of stoic uplift which references the awful storm that swept across her hometown. It’s intriguing, though, that “Hurricane” eventually ramps up into a crunchy groove, with Rockouer, Johnson and Stevens creating a lock-step cadence for Gaudet to improvise over. In the end, this hurricane wasn’t Katrina, but something a lot more commonplace in relationships.
Steele returns for “Love Drive,” which combines a greasy rhythmic underpinning with a shotgun shack-rattling downhome attitude. Then there’s “Wave,” a song that’s powered forward by an arena-rock chorus and yet makes room for a very modern vocal loop. Gaudet, again, proves to be beyond easy categorization. “Face to Face,” with its gently rolling musical signature and friendly admonishments toward activism, would have fit in perfectly on any number of turn-of-the-1970s folkie albums. “Change” later dabbles in scalding blues rock, though Gaudet sticks with the same theme – making an emotional call for involvement in making a difference, complete with rollicking, gospel-inflected encouragement from background singers Jessie Rae Waltz and Ruby Collins. But then you have “Higher Power,” a perfectly attenuated pop confection – though, in keeping with this album’s broader narratives, one that finds Gaudet attempting to figure a way out of the modern world’s ennui via a force outside of ourselves.
“Like You Do,” on the other hand, blends an itchy kind of keyboard funk with a sultry city blues approach on the mic. During this track’s initial scene-setting moments, Gaudet sounds like Bonnie Raitt sitting in with the Meters – and, a quick check of the liner notes frames that comparison. <i>Wild Things</i> was recorded – wouldn’t you know it? – both at Earthtone studios in New York City and at SeaSaint and Oak Street in New Orleans. Somewhere in between, you’ll find the ever-intriguing, always complex creative heart belonging to Christina Gaudet. - Reviewer: Nick DeRiso - Rating: Four stars
"Gaudet rips up the script, with elements of Classic Rock and Evanescence Style!" --Wildy Haskell
With Wild Things, Gaudet has a rebellious rock and roll side to her music that brings to mind similar acts such as Joan Jett &amp; the Blackhearts and Heart!  Gaudet is a soulful rocker. Her music is edgy and exciting. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does, and that’s always a great thing to witness within an artist’s work. Gaudet has been doing this for a while, and she knows how to supply her work with the bounty of flavor it demands……
While musician Christina Gaudet has released numerous albums in the past, the latest work of hers is a twelve-track album titled Wild Things. Since Gaudet has managed to place a number of albums under her belt over the years it shouldn’t surprise you that this singer is familiar with the stage. But it may come as a shock to you that the music stage is not the only stage she has done work on. This jack of all trades also happens to be an experienced Broadway actress and a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
To open up her album, Gaudet chose her title track. With this track especially, she has a rebellious rock and roll side to her music that brings to mind similar acts such as Joan Jett &amp; the Blackhearts and Heart. The song introduces the album in a way that is able to engage listeners and keep them interested in the rest of the release. Her music is edgy and exciting, and she dabbles within a number of different genres throughout these twelve tracks. If you happen to be any type of fan of 80’s rock and roll, you’re sure find interest in this album. It isn’t all about hard rock, however - there are other aspects that make up Gaudet’s sound. For instance, a number of her songs include a violin or a fiddle, such as “Acadia” and “Love Drive.”
After spending more than twenty years within the music business, it’s clear to see that Gaudet has a strong grasp on what type of music she wants to deliver. All of her music and lyrics have been written by Gaudet herself. With that being said, there are also a total of eight other musicians that contribute to her album. She has a maturity to her sound that cannot be easily reproduced, and the fact that she has also recently become a voting member of the Grammy’s also has a lot to say about her knowledge of music.
The fact that Gaudet grew up in New Orleans plays perhaps the most pivotal role in her music. Songs like “Raw” and “Like You Do,” which are especially soulful, do well to exemplify her upbringing and her ensuing inspiration. The electric guitar is also a very important aspect of her music. Each of her songs seem to be molded around her guitar, which is put on something of a pedestal and complements her song compositions and vocals well.
Gaudet is a soulful rocker, and her enthusiasm for music shines through in her work. She has obviously put a good deal of her own ideas and emotions within her music. What illustrates this fact most easily is that she has interwoven politically- and religiously-driven songs into this release. These songs, such as “World Wide Love,” “Change,” and “Higher Power,” can be found almost every other track. Mostly, these songs speak to things such as the hope of changing the world for the better or and how believing in a higher power can set you free.
You can tell she’s passionate about what she does, and that’s always a great thing to witness within an artist’s work. Some of the most impressive and catchiest tracks are “Wild Things,” “Burn,” and “Like You Do.” There is a lot to be found within Wild Things. There is not simply one type of sound, nor is there only a single subject matter addressed. Gaudet has been doing this for a while, and she knows how to supply her work with the bounty of flavor it demands.
Christina Gaudet has done it all.  A veteran of Broadway (Staggerlee, Tales From Manhattan) and off-Broadway productions (Randy Newman’s <i>Middle of Nowhere), Gaudet has also recorded and or performed with the likes of Allen Toussaint, Ruth Brown and Leiber and Stoller.  With eight prior albums under her belt, Gaudet enters 2014 on the strength of a new song cycle entitled Wild Things.

Christina Gaudet rips up the script on Wild Things, kicking things off with the vibrant title track. Elements of classic rock and Evanescence style glam collide here with delicious results.   The energy here is intense, and Gaudet avoids any sense of cliché.

Christina Gaudet finds her footing early on Wild Things, Gaudet is at her best in the high powered rockers, The effort is strong, and the outcome is solid. ~ Three Stars ~ l Widly Haskel,  Music Critic

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Winner, Gurujas Khalas, White Sun

Grammy® Winner, Gurujas Khalas, White Sun, Oct 11, 2016

Christina is a clever and thought-provoking lyricist and a bold musician!  I enjoyed this offering, Heart On Fire, which is the first of her music I have heard.  Throughout the album she sings with impassioned vibrato that she uses to subtly harmonize with herself.  Heart On Fire is an extremely "Get-up-and-go" song, it's a dance love song, and an upbeat ode to new love.  Livonlove is lyrical poetry, probably my favorite track on the album with words that would speak to anyone. Electric Live is a song that I would like to see Christina perform in person one day... I can just imagine that upbeat ballad played live, in a crowd.  Blackberry Pie is a playful summertime jam, with what sounds like a disco inspired instrumentation. Solitude, the last track, begins with an R&B beat under soft silky vocals.  The album comes full circle here, as the listener is now exploring the pain of love lost as opposed to the first track which amplifies the joy of a loving relationship.  The listener really goes on a journey from the first note to the last note.  Recommended!

Album Review - (5 Stars) By Grammy® Winner, Momentous

Grammy® Winner, Momentous

"A highly personal and intense performance throughout"


If you are looking for an exact mix of pop coupled with disco plus electronic and alternative with a dash of rock and a bit of a country twang to the voice then Christina Gaudet’s Heart On Fire is the perfect match for you. With her classy style, similar musical sound, and her ability to belt out lyrics, Gaudet is a cross between Stevie Nicks during her solo career and the Caucasian version of Billie Holliday. After putting out her eighth album, Gaudet could be considered a pro by now. Her songs are not over the top, nor are they overtly simple; the songs are a happy medium between the two. Each track utilizes its’ instruments completely, which complements Gaudet’s soft, elaborate voice to a tee.

“Heart On Fire,” the album’s title track comes at the very beginning. It begins with a catchy techno beat, and when the words kick in you are immediately transported back to the ‘80s. The song would fit in quite nicely at any classic disco party right in between “Stayin’ Alive” and “Dancing Queen”. As for the meaning, the title is fairly self-explanatory. Gaudet sings, “I was lost and all alone until you came alone, and you set my heart on fire.” The energetic songs do not stop there, however. Though still keeping with the same all around sound of the album, “New You Solution” has more of a funk background melody about it instead of the regular intensely pop sound. She sings of numerous cities that have offered her bright lights and music deals. Along with Gaudet’s catchy beats, she imparts some insightful messages into her lyrics. In this song, she states, “This is my new you solution. Just be who you are. . . You’re gonna be a superstar.” -ALEC CUNNINGHAM

Before he passed away, vocalist Christina Gaudet received a gift from her father, an acoustic guitar made of Louisiana Cypress. After losing her father, Gaudet took that thoughtful gift, sat down, and composed ten songs. These ten tracks, which were arranged and then performed with electronic instruments alongside the guitar and vocals, resulted in her latest album, Heart on Fire. Pairing up with long-time producing partner John Zych, Gaudet decided to tone down this release, as compared to her previous records, focusing as she says on “mostly voice, guitar and story.” With such a personal relationship to the guitar used to write these tracks, as well as the lyrical content, it is no wonder that Gaudet gives a highly personal and intense performance throughout this record.